Monday, August 17, 2009

Choo Choo Train Party!

My Son LOVES trains...any kind of trains. So for his 3rd Birthday we had a train party. It was fun preparing it and totally worth it because he Loved it! I wanted to post some pictures of what I did, hoping that it can give others ideas.

Here is his Invitation. I made it on my computer and I made it into a train ticket. I covered the address, but it says:
(Last name) Station
Track # (address)
Departing: ( Day & Time)
RSVP Station Master: (phone #)
It turned out REALLY cute!

Here is the Birthday Boy! So adorable!!! We bought this Thomas the Train on Craig's List, it was a good find. The kids loved it! My idea before this was to make a train out of boxes. Then I could get a picture of the kids in it. But this was much easier & much more fun for the kids.
Some of the decorations:
A Birthday Banner, which I made on my Cricut machine... finally putting it to good use :)

I made rail road signs and put them around. This sign says, "Cool Off Smoothies" We had a smoothie station, which was perfect because it was hot.

Rail road sign in front of our walk way. I also had a check in table where the kids could pick up there bag to put their goodies in. I cut out a train from my cricut and glued it on a paper bag. They each got a goody from the games they played, and a thomas the train book when they left. I found these books at the $1 store. Another Great Find!!
One last decoration was our rail roads made from black tape going up or walkway. I don't have a good picture of it because it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. It's such a cute idea, but unfortunately our sidewalk were wet from the sprinklers, so the tape didn't stick in some spots.
Here is a train table that I covered with white paper & drew train tracks on it. This was where the kids painted a wood picture frame that was shaped like a train. I don't have a pictures of them painting, but the kids really enjoyed it. I found the wood trains at the Dollar Tree. A Super good find! Love the $1 store!
We played Pin the Caboose on the train.

I started the party out by reading a Thomas the Train book called 'Thomas goes fishing.' Then we went fishing. I had my kids color fish to tape on a blue sheet before hand.
Simple yet YUMMY food! I made a simple pasta salad using the wagon wheel pasta & called it 'train wheel pasta'

I ordered bread sticks and called them 'train whistle treats'
I made train cookies from Chocolate cover graham crackers & animal crackers. I used decorative icing to put two cookies together, then to put an animal crackers on. I then iced around the cracker, put a couple of stripes down (for the cage) and then added lie savers for the wheels. Super cute & not too complicated.
Choo Choo Chewy Popcorn. Always a hit with the kids!
This was such a HIT!!! I found this ice cream dessert in a magazine. My kids enjoy ice cream much more then cake, so I had to try it. It's ice cream sandwiches on the outside, ice cream in the middle with a cookie crust and cool whip on top. I'm going to have to make this a tradition. It was GOOD!Hope you enjoyed looking because I enjoyed planning!


  1. Such a cute and Creative Party. Thanks for sharing your cute ideas.

  2. What some darling ideas for a party. I will pass this on to Ralaina. You are sooooooo creative. Cute pics.